AAI Mobility Program


AAI Mobility Program

This program aims to enhance mobility and getting involved can: ↑ Range of movement ↑ Flexibility ↑ Co-ordination, stability and muscle strength ↑ Recovery ↓Stress in the body and mind Learn more





Keep moving Ireland


Walk, Run, or Jog, but #KeepYourDistance

Athletics Ireland is launching a national campaign that aims to keep people active over the coming weeks and months. Athletics Ireland will be offering up free tips and advice to help you stay active while adhering to the HSE guidelines with respect to COVID-19.

Exercise helps with not only your physical health but also your mental health, and the simplicity and accessibly of running makes it the perfect form of exercise to keep you enjoying an active lifestyle. We would urge you to stay home and try some of the home drills and exercises listed below.

There will also be a number of challenges uploaded to our new Athletics Ireland Facebook Group to keep you motivated so make sure to join.

We look forward to supporting you on the journey and make sure to tag Athletics Ireland and use the hashtags

#KeepYourDistance #ActiveAAI #StayHome

How far is two metres? Check out our Long Jump Challenge and you’ll find out!

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