Training Sessions

Training Sessions are:-
Tuesday 7-8pm for members aged 10 years plus (Born 2010)
Thursday 7-8pm for members aged 10 years plus (Born 2010)
Saturday 11am-12.30pm for members aged 13 years plus (Born 2007)
All training sessions must be booked in advance (by email)
Screening forms are required for every training session and must be presented to the clubs Safety Officers.


Hurdles resources attached: AAiCoach manual, Run Jump Throw hurdles section and links to video demonstrations of the drills.”


Return to Training 9th & 11th of June

We return to limited training next Tuesday and Thursday the 9th & 11th of June from 7-8pm.  Both these sessions have now been booked out if full.  We would appreciate if all attending athletes review the enclosed Guideline for Athletes returning to training before next Tuesday, and for all Coaches to review the enclosed Guideline for Coaches returning to training.
Screening Questionaire
All attending Coaches and Athletes must ensure that they complete the enclosed AI screening questionnaire, this is a weekly requirement at the moment. If you would like to submit by email please ensure that you do so before Tuesday the 9th of June by 2O’Clock.   All members U18 must have the form signed by a Parent / Guardian and the Parent / Guardian contact mobile number.  Thank you to the members that have already submitted their form.
If you have not pre-booked either of the above sessions please do not arrive to the club grounds.  
Please ensure that your own hand sanitisers are brought.