To All Club Members,

Athletics Ireland have issued Phase 2 guidance protocols. This includes an increase in the size of outdoor training groups to fifteen (15) and an extension to the distance we can travel to train. People can travel within their own County, or up to 20km from their home, whichever is further.

Screening Questionaire

All attending Coaches and Athletes must ensure that they complete the enclosed

AI screening questionnaire located below.

                  NB               This must be completed before each training session.

All members U18 must have the form signed by a Parent / Guardian and the Parent / Guardian contact mobile number.  Thank you to the members that have already submitted their form.

  To train you must pre-book

                               Please ensure that you bring your own hand sanitisers.


Guidance for Clubs

Guidance for Athletes

Guidance for Coaches

These protocols commence on Monday the 8th June 2020.


To ensure the Safety & Health of all people interacting with our club, all athletes and coaches must complete this declaration form prior to entering the club.

To be completed by all club members on arrival at the club.

Club name and location:
Your Name:
Your Mobile No (parents’ number if under 18):
Time and Date of your visit:

If you indicate to us that you have symptoms of COVID-19 or you have been abroad in the last 14 days with exception to Northern Ireland, you should not attend the athletics club. Where this is the case, you are prohibited from using the club and advised to seek professional medical help/assistance.

Please circle your answers below.

1. Have you visited any of the countries outside Ireland excluding Northern Ireland? Yes / No
2. Are you suffering any flu like symptoms/symptoms of coronavirus covid-19? Yes / No
3. Are you experiencing any difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath? Yes / No
4. Are you experiencing any fever-like/Temperature symptoms? Yes / No
5. Did you consult a Doctor or other medical practitioner? Yes / No
6. How are you feeling Healthwise? Well / Unwell
7. Have you been in contact with someone who has visited an affected region in the past 14 days?

NOTE: When on site, please adhere to our on-site standard processes/procedures regarding infection control, i.e. hand washing/hand sanitising and general coughing/sneezing etiquette?

Signature Visitor (parents’ number if under 18):

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