Cushinstown Athletic Club Relay Event Sunday 24th April 2022

                                RELAY EVENT  

SUNDAY 24th April 2022

Eircode A84 FV34

 Start Times: 12pm (Sharp)

List of Events

(Boys) (Girls)
1.Boys U/8 4 x 100m1.Girls U/8 4 x 100m
2.Boys U/9 4 x 100m2.Girls U/9 4 x 100m
3.Boys U/10 4 x 100m3.Girls U/10 4 x 100m
4.Boys U/11 4 x 100m4.Girls U/11 4 x 100m
5.Boys U/12 4 x 100m5.Girls U/12 4 x 100m
6.Boys U/13 4 x 100m6.Girls U/13 4 x 100m
7.Boy U/14 4 x 100m7.Girls U14 4 x 100m
8.Boys U/15 4 x 100m8.Girls U15 4 x 100m
9.Boys U/16 4 x 100m9.Girls U/16 4 x 100m
                 Finals of above events                     Finals of above events
1.Snr 4x 100m Maximum 2 males per team No Relay Entries on Day

Relays: –  

  • Boys & Girls U8 must be born in 2015
  • Boys & Girls U9 must be born in 2014
  • Boys & Girls U10 to U16 may move up one age group for relay
  • At least 2 members of a competing relay team must be of correct age, i.e., 2 members only can move up one year
  • Senior maximum of 2 males per team

The committee reserves the right to amend the list of events without notice.

RELAY ADMISSION:  € 5.00 per team Entries to be received by Thursday 21st April 2022  Payment for relays to be made on check in 1 hour prior to race start.

Please contact 086 3735115 or email

Teas, Sandwiches, Soft Drinks etc. available on the day

                                                CAC is a Non-Smoking Venue

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