Daffodil Day

Our daffodils are not out yet this year but we hope to have some to sell to our members and raise money in support of Daffodil Day over the next few weeks.



2Paul Callaghan and 1 other

Cushinstown Athletic Club Relay Event Sunday 24th April 2022

                                RELAY EVENT  

SUNDAY 24th April 2022

Eircode A84 FV34

 Start Times: 12pm (Sharp)

List of Events

(Boys) (Girls)
1.Boys U/8 4 x 100m1.Girls U/8 4 x 100m
2.Boys U/9 4 x 100m2.Girls U/9 4 x 100m
3.Boys U/10 4 x 100m3.Girls U/10 4 x 100m
4.Boys U/11 4 x 100m4.Girls U/11 4 x 100m
5.Boys U/12 4 x 100m5.Girls U/12 4 x 100m
6.Boys U/13 4 x 100m6.Girls U/13 4 x 100m
7.Boy U/14 4 x 100m7.Girls U14 4 x 100m
8.Boys U/15 4 x 100m8.Girls U15 4 x 100m
9.Boys U/16 4 x 100m9.Girls U/16 4 x 100m
                 Finals of above events                     Finals of above events
1.Snr 4x 100m Maximum 2 males per team No Relay Entries on Day

Relays: –  

  • Boys & Girls U8 must be born in 2015
  • Boys & Girls U9 must be born in 2014
  • Boys & Girls U10 to U16 may move up one age group for relay
  • At least 2 members of a competing relay team must be of correct age, i.e., 2 members only can move up one year
  • Senior maximum of 2 males per team

The committee reserves the right to amend the list of events without notice.

RELAY ADMISSION:  € 5.00 per team Entries to be received by Thursday 21st April 2022  Payment for relays to be made on check in 1 hour prior to race start.

Please contact 086 3735115 or email  cushinstownacsecretary@gmail.com

Teas, Sandwiches, Soft Drinks etc. available on the day

                                                CAC is a Non-Smoking Venue