Meath Outdoor League

Thank you to everyone who has supported the club in the Meath Indoor & Outdoor League over the last few months.

Last Wednesday night was the final night and we had 21 of our 97 eligible members in attendance.

Our U15’s Ella, Laura, Loclainn & Ben mastered the shot put gaining PB’s and loads of points, our U14’s Aoife, James & Lee also gained points in the shot, Loclainn & Lee went on to run the 1,500m and did very well with Loclainn placing 1st and Lee 3rd. Our U13’s Doireann, Nia, Ruby, Trudy & Kevin did very well in the high jump placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th and running very well in the 60m, also doing very well in these events were our U12 boys Peter & Evan with Peter placing 3rd in the high jump. Our U11’s Saoirse, Nessa & Kyle ran brilliantly in the 300m and jumped great in the long jump. Annalise was our sole U10 member and placed very well in both the 60m & long jump. Lastly our sole U9 girl Keelin, and our U9 boys Ross & Rian all ran brilliantly in the 250m and threw great in the turbo javelin.

It was the masters turn then with Marie running the 400m, up next was the 3,000m where Aoife, Samantha, Sandra, Suzanne & Eva ran a great race gaining valuable points. Finally at the end of the night our masters took on the challenge of throwing the turbo javelin where there was great competition with Paul Barry marginally getting the better of Joe, Robbie & Fran. Good battle between the ladies with Sandra, Samantha, Suzanne, Eva & Julie all gaining the last of the valuable points at the end of the night.

We need to wait for the final nights points to be added up, fingers crossed we have managed to remain top 3, and we will let you know our placing as soon as we have it.

Again thank you all for your continued support and to our officials each night.

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