Cushinstown A.C. Outdoor Sports Day 22nd April 2018



Sunday 22nd April 2018

Start Times: 11am (Sharp) – Field Events, Shot Putt, Long Jump, Javelin, High Jumps

1pm – All other events

*Competitors must have been born on or before 2011*

List of Events

(Boys)  (Girls)


1. *U/8                  60m 1. *U/8                60m
2. U/9                    80m 2. U/9                  80m
3. U/10                  80m 3. U/10                80m
4. U/11                  80m 4. U/11                 80m
5. U/12                 100m 5. U/12                 100m
6. U/13                 100m 6. U/13                 100m
7. U/14                 100m 7. U/14                 100m
8. U/15                100m 8. U/15                 100m
9. U/16                 100m 9. U/16                 100m
10.                 Finals of above events 10.                    Finals of above events
11.    Ladies                 100m    
12.    Men                     100m   Relays (€ 5.00 per team)
13.    Girls     U/12      600m   Entry time will be announced over PA
14.    Boys     U/12       600m    
15.    Girls     U/13       600m  
16.    Boys     U/13        600m 1. Boys / Girls U/10 4x 100m
17.    Girls     U/14        600m 2. Boys / Girls U/12 4x 100m
18.    Boys     U/14        600m 3. Boys / Girls U/14 4x 100m
19.    Girls     U/15        600m 4. Under 16 Mixed 4 x 100m
20.    Boys     U/15        600m 5. Mixed Adults x 100m (2 Men per team)
21.    Girls     U/16        800m    
22.    Boys     U/16        800m    

 Field Events

Long Jump Shot High Jump
     Turbo Javelin
Girls & Boys         U/11, 13, 15,17 Girls   U/14, 16, Jnr

Boys   U/13, 15, Snr

Girls & Boys               U/12, 14, 16 Girls & Boys         U/10, U12
Two Pits will be used. Standards will apply              Girls & Boys   U/ 14, 16

Snr Women / Men

 Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all events

Clubs must ensure that competitors are technically competent in field events for which they are entered, as lack of technique constitutes a danger to the competitor or others. Proper shoes must be worn for field and track events. The committee reserves the right to amend the list of events with out notice.

ADMISSION: € 4.00, Child € 2.00 (includes entry fee)

 Teas, Sandwiches, Soft Drinks etc. available on the day

CAC is a Non-Smoking Venue

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